Helical Steel
Screw Piles – Supply & Installation

The Only Trusted Name in Helical Piling

Innovative Piling Solutions is the largest, and most trusted supplier & installer of helical piles across Saskatchewan and Manitoba because of our commitment to quality, exceptional turnaround/project lead minimization, and cutting edge design principles that allow IPS to demonstrate the full extent of this deep foundation type. A helical pile is an end bearing pile, much similar to our expanded base concrete pile option, but instead of using a reaming tool to achieve the base, a helical pile utilizes a screw-like helix attached to structural grade pipe that is then twisted into the ground by way of bi-directional hydraulic motors. IPS’ extensive knowledge in the design and construction of these helical piling units has afforded the opportunity to offer service capabilities that none of our competitors can match. Typical helical piles sizes range from 89mm to 508mm pipe shafts and helix diameters 305mm to 1220mm, with lengths up to 27 metres. These pile lengths can be an infinite variety of lengths because of the ability to splice on pipe extensions.

Instant Capacity, Instant Project Completion

Helical steel srewpiles are a great option for your project if the alternative pile types will run into longer install schedules. The relative ease and ability to instantly support the loading, offers a great opportunity to shorten construction schedules by way of multiple tasks/trades working right away. With concrete piles, there are requirements for curing that cannot be avoided; helical piles do not have this curing time in order to begin loading of the deep foundation element leading to instant constructability or excavation. Given proper soils, helical piles are a great alternative to many pile types, but cannot be used as a “silver bullet” to fix any deep foundation installation problem. Innovative Piling is committed to thorough and extensive feasibility studies across all major deep foundation types, and works closely with many members of the geotechnical and structural engineering communities to impart our technical expertise to ensure a positive deep foundation installation experience for all involved.

From Start to Finish

  1. Installation crew will complete a pre-construction site evaluation and Jobsite Safety Analysis
  2. Installation crew will perform a pre-installation materials check against the engineered design to ensure conformity
  3. Materials are organized and piling rig positioned in place
  4. Offsets are applied to original pile location
  5. Material handler moves helical pile into coupling position
  6. Piling rig maneuvers with assistance of ground crew to positively connect to pile
  7. Pile is hoisted and placed onto original pile location
  8. Installation begins, and a one foot embedment tolerance check is completed
  9. If tolerances are met, pile is installed; if tolerances are not met, the pile is re-positioned or manipulated to meet specifications
  10. Pile install occurs, with frequent specification checks along the length of pile
  11. Pile embedment is terminated relative to desired cutoff elevation
  12. Drivehead is disengaged from helical pile
  13. Pile is now ready for superstructure loading, cutting/capping, doweling, concrete infill, or excavation

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