Driven Timber,
Pipe, & H-piles

Tried, Tested, and True

Driven piles are one of the most reliable, and oldest utilized deep foundation elements to still be installed in the modern construction world. With their ability to develop loading over time, relative ease of material procurement, and highly predictable install rate this deep foundation type can be cost effective in most situations. Innovative Piling is Saskatchewan’s driven pile expert, having installed some of the most high profile projects on a driven foundation within the province. We have used this experience to consult with many members of the engineering and construction community to offer this pile type on a cost savings basis. One of the most popular methods is to utilize a PDA (Pile Driving Analysis) testing program to increase phi resistance factors, and gain in-situ capacity of any given pile as it is being installed. As members in good standing of the Pile Driving Contractor’s Association (PDCA) we adhere to the philosophy that a driven pile is a tested pile, meaning that theoretical capacities can be calculated by means of blow counts during installation; removing any doubt of capacity while continuing production.

Maximum Capacity, Maximum Savings

IPS is the industry leader in value engineering of deep foundation systems, and one of the go to evaluations during our feasibility studies is driven piles because of their ability to handle the most extreme loading for comparatively low materials costs. With our extensive experience, we have collaborated with our clients and industry professionals to achieve financial and schedule savings such that IPS is the “one stop shop” for any piling needs. With our truck and track mounted units, there is no site that we can’t reach, and no project that we can’t value engineer to our client’s specific requirements.

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