Drilled Straight Shaft Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles

The Economical and Reliable Solution

Drilled straight shaft concrete piles offer a wide variety of advantages compared to other deep foundation types in that the pile is inherently designed for maximum loading with a wide range of concrete specifications suitable to the application. Modern technological advancements in the industry have made underwater and above head drilling possible, allowing for cased pile lengths in excess of 100 metres deep. Typically these piles range from 250mm to 914mm in diameter, with our capability to install piles up to 3000mm in diameter and 40 metres in depth, cased or uncased. When wet or sloughing conditions exist in poorer quality soils, IPS offers their cased straight shaft piles as a viable solution to generate the required capacity.

Large Diameter Drilling Specialists

IPS’ advanced drilling rig fleet offers potential that is unmatched by any company based in Saskatchewan. With over 50 years of combined drilling experience in the field and Saskatchewan’s only LoDril, our customers have grown to know that no challenge is too hard for our fleet of advanced mechanical and hydraulic drilling rigs; completing piles up to 2900mm in diameter and 30 metres in depth.

Start to Finish

Straight shaft concrete piles are typically constructed in soils that are conducive to proper development of skin friction along the perimeter area, but there are casing options available in order to stabilize the shaft prior to concrete placement. This deep foundation type is typically constructed in the following manner:

  1. Installation crew will complete a pre-construction site evaluation and Jobsite Safety Analysis
  2. Offsets are placed on original pile location
  3. Drilling rig is spotted into position
  4. Drilling rig level and alignment is double checked
  5. Work area cleared and drilling commences
  6. Level and alignment periodically checked during drilling
  7. Upon reaching termination depth, final pile length including cutoff elevation is checked
  8. Reinforcing steel is rigged and hoisted into place along the depth of the pile
  9. Concrete is poured down the centre of the shaft until reaching desired elevation
  10. Drilling tailings cleaned up and neatly stockpiled on site for removal

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